4 Great Interior Design Tips for your Airbnb!

Today’s blog post is about the importance of decorating! I have four tips from a professional Airbnb decorating team.

Airbnb just announced their Airbnb Plus program and one of the things that they’re really highlighting is the design, the aesthetic, and the comfort for guests. These are four tips that everyone should be doing, that are really easy to follow.

The first tip is to paint your room a neutral color. You may have a very vibrant personality, and you may want your space to be reflective of you, but it may not be broadly applicable for a lot of your guests.

For example, I’m sitting here in the place that I bought in Jackson Hole and around me is bright pink wallpaper. Behind me is a lime green kitchen and the kitchen cabinet behind me has a paint sample in the corner of the wall. The person that painted this did it themselves, and obviously loved it! I personally don’t love it but I also don’t think it’s broadly acceptable for a short-term rental and so I’m actually doing exactly what I’m proposing that you do — I’m gonna decorate with neutral colors and in order to spice it up a little bit and show some of my personality, I’m gonna use accents such as throw pillows and throws over the couches that bring out some color and a little bit more vibrancy. I recommend you do the same!

The second tip is to mix and match different genres, different textures, different fabrics, and different colors. Don’t do what we did in the 1950s or 60s and walk into a department store and take the entire set of furniture where everything matches, it doesn’t really work in today’s eclectic lifestyle (see eclectic decor). You can have a very modern home and have a vintage fan, or you can have a very cottage rustic home and have a very modern clock. Just try and make things interesting and reflective of your personality, don’t try and take things off the shelf that all look the same, just mix it up a little bit!

Number three is lighting. This is really important, and lighting is a very personal detail. A lot of people don’t like overhead lighting, a lot of people prefer floor lamps and table lamps and that’s really cool but that doesn’t mean that all of your guests feel similarly. Make sure that you have enough lighting and if it’s too much lighting for you when you stay there then just install a dimmer, that way you can have really bright lighting for your guests that want it, and dimmable lighting for those that don’t want it and when you’re there you don’t have to use it at. If you want, you can keep it super dim. The two areas of focus that I think are critically important are the kitchen, so when people are prepping dinner and so on there’s enough light and they can see, and then the second area is in the bathroom. Pay close attention to the lighting in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

The fourth tip is to just use your location for inspiration. Recognize that people are traveling all over the world and they probably want to stay in a place that is you know reminiscent of where you are. What I mean by that is if you’re at the beach, don’t make the place look like a Swiss ski chalet, and likewise if you’re in a rain forest embrace that people want to be in the area that they’ve selected and just use that for inspiration. Don’t go overboard, so, for instance, I’m here in Wyoming and I’m not gonna have antlers and all these deerskins on the walls. You don’t want to make a mockery of it but you do want to touch base as to where they are. In my own mind what I’m creating here is modern mountain sort of lifestyle. I’m not gonna have any antlers or anything like that, but I am gonna have reclaimed wood and I am going to have colors that are reminiscent of Wyoming. I’m gonna have throws, and accent pieces that also highlight this.

I hope this gave you some great ideas for decorating your space, whether you’re living it full time, renting it out, or using it as an Airbnb location! If you think you need professional help from a montreal interior designer to handle your space, that is also an option rather than doing it yourself!